Beatmakers, Producers, Their differences in the digital era

Beatmakers vs music producers
Beatmakers vs music producers

Beatmakers and music producers are two different jobs, but they share a lot of similarities. Both work with recorded music, although that’s where the similarities end.

In today’s day and age, the question above tends to leave people curious and possibly shocked that there is a difference between the two roles in the first place. it is common to find people using “produce” and “make” interchangeably like they are supposed to mean the same thing!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the differences between a beat maker and a music producer, as well as some of the ways these two jobs overlap.

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Beat Makers

Beatmakers have become very popular in recent years because of the availability of software that allows anyone to create their beats at home. now that anyone can be one, it’s easier than ever before!

A beat maker is someone who creates beats (music) with the help of a computer program (Digital Audio Workstation). Some beatmakers dabble in a little bit of mixing to help their creation stand out!
Beatmakers rely heavily on creativity rather than the science of music production.

The beats they make require a music producer to implement a proper song flow and structure to turn the beat into a song. This normally happens during the working session between the artist and the music producer.

Beatmakers make beats based on melody and it is hardly a song until the artist and music producer works on it.

With a laptop and Fl studio installed, anyone can make a beat anywhere these days which makes the competition among beat makers even more fierce. Due to these facts, some beatmakers have transcended into becoming music producers to outshine the competition. This would mean they make their beats and get a chance to work with artists too!

Adding “music producer” to their resume means they can oversee their creation from beat-making, and recording, to the final mixdown.

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Music Producers

A music producer is a person who works with an artist. The producer serves as the creative director of a music project, overseeing all aspects of its development including:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Song selection

they may wear the hat of a recording, mix and mastering engineer depending on their skill set. To be a good music producer, one must know the scientific aspect of music making like the back of your hand. A balance of music and creativity is crucial 

Beatmakers vs music producers in collaboration

A beat maker and a music producer can coexist in a given project smoothly. But such cohabitation may birth confusion and friction as far as crediting the respective parties goes.

In Cameroon, it is common to see producer credits being given to beatmakers regardless of the presence of an actual producer in the musical project. This is mostly due to ignorance. Too bad the beat makers never do anything to alleviate such happenings.

I’ve had several projects where I ended up leaking my wounds simple cuz the beatmaker was labelled a music producer on a project that took me hours of hard work to complete.

Beat Maker vs Music Producer

Beat Makers vs Music Producers

If you’re a beat maker, your job is to create the music and beats for an artist. You do this by using samples, synthesizers and drum machines to come up with a beat; then you send it to them so they can write lyrics over it or record vocals based on the rhythm of your beat.

A music producer, on the other hand, works closely with an artist from start to finish (or at least until their album is finished). They help guide the songwriting process by suggesting ideas for lyrics and melodies as well as giving feedback when needed about songs that are being written or recorded.

The producer may also oversee sessions where musicians get together in a studio and record their parts on different instruments such as drums or bass guitar. Like a film director, the music producer is overseas of everything until the final master.


The rapid technological advancements in music production have blurred the lines between what was known as a music producer and a beat maker. Producing can now happen without the need for a professional studio.
But regardless, the difference in job responsibility still stands.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you are looking for something that will allow you to bring your song ideas to life at your convenience and also at a reasonable price point, then beat-making is perfect for you.

If you’d rather have more control over your music creation process and need access to more advanced resources than just samples or loops, then becoming a music producer might be right for you!

While both music industry professions are vital in today’s music environment, a music producer will typically make more money than a beatmaker since a producer’s workload is much higher to complete a project.

Did I omit anything? Post it in the comments.

The journey to being enlightened is never ending and I also hope to learn from you!

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1 year ago

Very coherent thank you

1 year ago

Not me thinking a beat maker is necessarily a music producer. Thanks for the enlightenment.

1 year ago

Great write up. It would have been good and more contextual to see the photos & names of some of our outstanding Cameroonian beat makers and producers and to know which of them specialize in one of the jobs or the other and those who are joggling both. Also seeing the photos of Kanye and other foreign producers I was curious to find out what exactly each of them does in the light of our topic