Cameroon bloggers & their role in our music industry



Cameroon bloggers have a significant role to play in the growth of the Cameroon music industry but aren’t doing enough. Partly because of ignorance and the lack of motivation to learn the art or they just enjoy their incompetence and big Egos!

The role of a blogger in the music industry is very important. They can make or break any artiste, which is why they must know what they are doing.

Bloggers should know how to write in a manner that would value the people reading.

This article will show how bloggers can help elevate Cameroon’s music industry by creating a platform for artists to promote their music, networking and collaborating to maximise reach and information exchange.

There are many bloggers in Cameroon and there is always room for more!

But most so-called bloggers in Cameroon ignore the importance of growing their own platforms on the google echo space. They blog on social media exclusively.

However, these platforms can limit your audience because not everyone uses them on a regular basis these days. Even so, social media platforms aren’t built to give an artist a decent search presence on google!

In fact, social media platforms are important for two main reasons: 

  • To help spread the word about new artists who may not be well-known yet
  • To give artists an opportunity to learn and engage with their followers and nurture a beneficial relationship with them.

How can Cameroon Bloggers help our Music Industry?

Bloggers can help the industry by creating a platform for artists to promote their music and brand. They can also help in networking and reaffirmation, promoting the right content and fostering future collaborations between music stakeholders.

Creating a platform for artists to promote their music.

In order to build a platform where artists can publicise their music, bloggers must first create and maintain a blog dedicated to promoting Cameroonian music

The problem

Cameroon has some entertainment blogs already existing on the Internet but they are not regularly updated, hence cannot be deemed as reliable sources for information on events surrounding our local music industry.

This absence of regular updates means that when an individual chooses to visit the website in question, he or she may be missing out on important developments in Cameroonian music because all recent content was posted months ago (or even years ago). 

A blog needs a consistent supply of valued content to pull traffic and it’s this traffic that gives any blogger a voice to promote another artist or brand or product.

The solution? 

Create your own blog where you can post daily updates about what’s happening in our local music scene — whether it’s an upcoming concert or a new album release from your favourite artist! Or a little gossip or some valued evergreen content such as this article.

Until you give value to your audience via your blog, only then can you use your blog to promote something brand or individual. Strive for quality in your writeups and everything would surely fall in place.

Networking and re-affirmation

Attending festivals, events or shows is a great way to start building relationships with other bloggers and musicians. Social media is a readily available way to reach out with the added benefit of showing you’re interested in their music (and vice versa).
Networking has never been a one-way street and it’s vital for Cameroon bloggers to know so by heart—you should be willing to help out your fellow promoters and content creators as well!

The more people you network with, the more people will know about you when it comes time for them to promote their work as well.

Cameroon bloggers should Promote the right content

When we talk about promoting music, we are looking at how bloggers can use their influence to introduce new songs and artists to their audience.
Bloggers can play a major role in shaping the direction of our Cameroon music industry by introducing new songs especially from upcoming musicians we are yet to know.

When they do this, they should promote only the right content; content that is relevant to their audience especially music that promotes a positive image of Cameroonians and Cameroonian culture.

we know that our people are suckers for controversy but remember your block reach isn’t only limited to Cameroon. If you managed to give your audience a negative impact on your blog simply cuz you chose to jump in on a very controversial matter happening, that’s on you.

Don’t be an irresponsible businessman whose aim is only to make a quick buck. That mentality would make you lose your blog traffic in no time!


Cameroon Bloggers can help the Cameroon music industry flourish by promoting the right content. As a blogger this means: 

  • You would need to promote good quality music, not songs that are a waste of time for our followers. 
  • You should also never promote something on your blog that you don’t agree with or something that’s against what your audience wants from you (e.g., promoting someone’s nudes or scandalising another person’s name just for clout).

They can also help the music industry in Cameroon flourish by creating a platform where artists can promote their music without any hassle and without having to pay anything extra for it (other than what they have already paid). 

 Bloggers are important because they have a huge influence on social media; therefore, using them as partners will be advantageous as well as mutually beneficial because if we work together then we will succeed together!


We all have a role to play in making Cameroon music the next big thing. Bloggers need to be more diligent and conscious of their content and how they can positively impact artists and fans alike.

Artists need to be able to accept criticism and learn from it. And most importantly, they need to learn how to share any write-up about them especially when its a free gesture offered by any blogger to them.

Every artist should be another artist fan by helping their fellow artist grow either directly or indirectly via sharing of promotional content
Fans should not only listen but also share music with others who will enjoy it too so that the whole family grows together!

We would have no industry If we all keep complaining about the Cameroon music industry and Cameroon bloggers without making an effort to solve the problem.

A regressing industry with every new artist using internet scamming to justify the lack of a structure in our music industry is eminent

We hope that you have found this article helpful and informative. We would love to know your thoughts on these topics. You can leave a comment below 

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1 year ago

The renaissance of African music is here to stay , great write up

B chucks
B chucks
1 year ago

Great one


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Pope Switzeal
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