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Music Distribution!

It’s no secret that the music industry has been in trouble for a long time. From piracy to declining album sales! What more can a fellow artist take?

Music streaming is the new norm and we all must learn to navigate that too.

 That’s why I come bearing gifts:

 In this article, we’ll take a look at what it means to distribute your songs through the major streaming services—and why every artist should consider adding those channels to their marketing plan as soon as possible.

What is music distribution?

Music distribution is a process of getting your music to the right people. Distributors (Distros) are companies that help you get your music to digital service providers (DSPs). Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc are all examples of DSP!

Are you still there?

A Digital Service Provider (“DSP”) is an entity that provides digital music services (whether streaming, downloads, or both), via computer or phone networks.

Now, let’s Mash fire!

What does a music distributor do?

They distribute your music to DSPs:

Music distributors have distribution contracts with music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, as well as social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Some distributors also work with smaller platforms with niche audiences and international services only available in certain parts of the world.

They Payout music royalties

When an artist generates streams or downloads from their music release online, they receive royalties. Distributors manage the transfer of royalties from music streaming services to artists and copyright holders.

Be aware that some music distributors will charge a commission on the royalties paid to an artist in exchange for their services.

Distros also make the royalty payout process way more streamlined for both artists & music platforms – especially if your music is on lots of different online platforms!

They can Support & promote your release 

Distros provide you with some of the tools needed to promote your music. This is usually done through additional support, products, and services.

MUSIC DISTRIBUTION to music streaming services

Why do you need to distribute your music?

To Gets your music on every streaming platform:

New fans could come from anywhere! The chances of your music getting discovered are maximum when your music is spread across the globe.

To Increase your online artist presence:

More value is added to your career when your music is everywhere and you keep putting out even more music.

To make you and your music credible:

Having your music streamed on Spotify could make you feel glorious! It is an indication that you are the shit.

To bring more buck for your troubles:

This is the main reason why most of us send music to streaming platforms. Releasing good music consistently and using the right strategy is expensive. We want to recoup any chance we get!

To get streaming info & in-depth data about your listeners: 

Streaming Data would help you micro-focus your resources on those things that work. It can even help you decide where your next show should be! 

How to choose the right distributor for you

You’ll want to look for a reputable company that has a good reviews and isn’t too expensive. The ones with annual subscription packages that won’t break your bank in the long wrong are you best bet. 

Also, good customer service is key. Go for a distro that will be quick to respond to any technical difficulty you may experience on their platform. A response time of 24 to 48 hrs is reasonable.


Working with a music distributor is now a requirement for every artist hoping to get a piece of that streaming money pie.

As of now, you can’t upload your music directly to streaming platforms. It can only be possible via a distro.

Let me know in the comment section if you need help figuring out which music distributor is best for you.

I could do a follow-up post!


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Nsay ki la
9 months ago

This is insightful. Looking forward to you x-raying some of the distros with their pros and cons that can help young artists